Month: July 2012

Trouble searching the Internet?

We all use the well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves etc  to search the Internet. Today after a conversation about search engines I decided to see whether it was possible to get list(s) of  what  is available to use.

After putting in my request to Google I found a number of lists.

Here are a few, there are quite a number of others.  (for international search engines, arranged by country)

These lists  include an amazing number of search engines on a variety of topics, from the law, to jobs, to blogs, to games for example and also have metasearch engines, such as Dogpile, and Zuula  which will search up to sixteen other engines for you.
One that wasn’t included was one I used to use a couple of years ago to winkle out obscure pieces on Conductive Education. This was called Bananaslug and I was reminded about it this morning by Andrew.
It can be found at and is called a long tail search engine as it takes random words you select and uses them to find hits on a particular subject. For example, you could choose Conductive Education as your subject and add random words from one of a  number of categories listed on the site, e.g. emotions or first names for instance, to make a search.
I will have to investigate as many of these as I can and see what I can find. If you do the same, please do let me know of any items of particular interest that you consider should be included in the virtual Catalogue on

What is Conductive Education?

Today I received a Google Alert for Conductive Education which led me to a piece on CE produced by a legal firm in the US.
This is quite a long explanation of Conductive Education written in question and answer format for parents. It started well by saying that CE was not a therapy or a treatment as so many of such pieces do, what CE can do, how it is carried out by trained conductors, for example, but  went on to make  the common mistake of listing the five principles as the  basis of CE.
It seems to include many of the factors you would find if you did a search on the Internet to find out what CE is, and there are a large variety of explanations available to choose from. Some okay, most not terribly good and some downright inaccurate.
Have a look and see what you think.

Sign of the times?

I have been collecting news items ready for the next list and come across one about the Steps Centre in Leicestershire, UK.  They are having serious financial problems and need to raise money urgently to keep the centre going as they have only enough money to pay wages for one month.

A statement by Rosemary Conley, one of their patron’s, can be found on their website at

This is a sign of the hard financial times everyone is going through at the moment and perhaps other centres are in a similar position.