Month: April 2012

What happened next – nothing!

Last Wednesday I sent an email to the address that was posted in a comment made on my  last blog posting re the  appropriation of my Conductive Education centre lists and postings.
I have not had a reply yet, either to say she is not the person running the Conductive Education World Hungary blog, or to say that she is.
I cannot contact her via the Conductive Education World Hungary blog as clicking on the ‘contact’ tag brings me a pop up saying my computer is not set up to use it – I don’t have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Express email. Perhaps that is why.
Very disappointing as I was hoping to hear something and respond accordingly.
Whoever you are, please do get in touch.

Conductive Education World Hungary – Flattery,cheek – or something else ?

This morning seemed just like any other before I switched my computer on and linked to Conductive World to catch up with Andrew’s postings. What I found there has left me a little nonplussed and needless to say very surprised, as well as a little angry, disheartened, disappointed  –  and also curious.

The blog mentioned  Conductive Education World Hungary  at

contains a lot of material from my blog which has taken considerable time and effort (and knowledge) over the years to compile. Whilst I am more than happy for people to make use of it in whatever way suits them, I would have expected,  or even just hoped, that some acknowledgment would have been made on where the information came from.

Why hasn’t it?
Why has it been posted in such a jumbled mess, no organisation at all?
Who has done this?
More to the point why has it been ‘pirated’ at all? A simple link to my blog would have been much easier and simpler to do.
Strangely enough Andrew and I had a conversation about plagarism only yesterday afternoon and agreed that as individuals  there is little one can do to stop it, with acceptance and resignation  all that is open to us. Copyright laws are too complicated and trying to implement them is a very expensive business. Universities, colleges and schools can penalise students for so doing, whenever they are spotted, but I (and anyone else whose work is used in this way) have no such options.
Come on konduktorba, let us know who you are and why you have done this!
 In doing this you are only cheating  yourself and as we have seen elsewhere cheats are usually found out in the end.

More about late blooming

I realised after receiving a couple of enquiries that I hadn’t added information about the availability of the publications I have been involved in.
Those published by Conductive Education Press can be obtained by clicking on the links to the books on the right hand side of this blog which  lead to the Conductive Education Press page on Blurb’s website. Copies can then be ordered. The last title is yet to be published and its publication  will be announced in the near future.
For the others it will be necessary to contact the Foundation for Conductive Education to see if any copies are left and still for sale.

Late bloomer

Even though I am not usually one to blow my own trumpet, as the saying goes, I realised the other day, that I have edited and published a few books, some when I was Librarian at the Foundation for Conductive Education, and even more since I was retired. For years I had been saying that more should have been written and published on Conductive Education and somehow I have become involved in doing exactly that!

These have been:

  • Setting up and editing a twice-a-year journal, Recent Advances in Conductive Education that ran from 2001 to 2009


  • Co-editing and/or publishing six books plus another to be published in 2012.

See below.

Maguire, G. and Sutton, A, ed. (2004)  Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Educatiom.

Maguire, G. and Nanton, R., ed. (2005) Looking back, looking forwards. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

Sutton, A. and Maguire, G., ed (2009) Just Do it! Young conductors in their new world. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Sutton, A, and Maguire, G., ed. (2010) Internationalising Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Graham, J., McGuigan, C., Maguire G., ed. (2010) Intelligent love; parents action for Conductive Education.  Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Sutton, A. (2011) Last year in Hong Kong. Edited by G. Maguire. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Maguire, G. and Sutton, A. ed. (in press)  András Pető; an introduction. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Not bad going! This was not a planned career move ( nor was that retirement). It seems to have ‘just happened’ and will, I hope, continue..

New book coming soon

Andrew has mentioned that we are currently working on a new publication about  András Pető  for Conductive Education Press. This has proved to be a very interesting experience but has taken a lot longer than was originally thought – doesn’t everything? The idea was first discussed back in December 2010 at the conference in Hong Kong, and this has developed into something a lot more substantial than originally thought possible. More about that later.
Here we are nearly 18 months later almost there, on the home straight – we think!
The dilemma at the moment is to come up with a title for it and I would not have believed that it could be so difficult. Suggestions have gone back and forth but no definite decision made although there are a couple of front runners.

Watch this space for more information!