Month: March 2012

New book about Conductive Education


Eine Geschichte nach einem Schlaganfall in Wort und Bild
(A post stroke story in words and pictures)
Waltraud Heussinger
Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg
10 euros (£8.50)

Conductor Nürnberg has just published a new book in the series Conductive Lifestyles.

A lady who had a stroke relates her experiences and explains what a difference the discovery of Conductive Education has made to her life and this book, edited and introduced by Susie Mallett,  is copiously illustrated with coloured photos taken by her husband. The story is told in German with parallel English translation by Susie providing what I believe is the first book by an adult recording her experiences. It makes very interesting reading.

As Conductor Nürnberg  is based in Germany I am acting as Susie’s UK postwoman and therefore I have some copies. If you wish to purchase a copy, please email her at

with your details and she will invoice you, send me your UK address and I will post a copy to you. This will be much cheaper and quicker than sending it from Germany.

I also  still have a few copies of  CN’s first book Tell me a Story you can purchase too see

Again, email Susie re ordering and payment.

First Conductive Education Professional Education Group conference?

Tomorrow there is a conference being held  for CE professionals in the North of England. I had heard rumours about this but been unable to find out any details on the Internet as CEPEG, the organisation running this conference does not appear to have a website as far as I can tell. The information I have now was posted only yesterday on the blog page of Legacy Rainbow House, the centre  hosting the conference.

This states that it is the ‘first ever CEPEG Conference’ which is strange as I do know CEPEG have been holding conferences annually for a number of years  in various locations, but this is the first in Cheshire.
No papers, presentations, programmes have ever been made public so I can’t say what sort of topics are discussed or what kind of practice is reported on. As those involved in  CE are thinly distributed worldwide and do not get to meet very often – the World Congress only happens every four years – it is a shame that information shared at meetings such as these is not made available to those who cannot attend. Even organisations holding conferences for members/professionals only  usually publish proceedings or make information generally available.

Perhaps this will happen this time. I will keep an eye out. If anyone knows of a public source for such information, please do let me know.