Month: November 2011

CE centre appears on Children in Need

 I have just been checking on CE Centre newsletters and found an exciting event for one centre flagged up.
Every year in November a big fundraising event takes place in the UK for Children in Need,  the BBC’s UK corporate charity which aims to  ‘make a real difference to the lives of children all across the UK’.  This is broadcast on BBC television on a Friday night and took place this year last Friday, 18 November. Various ‘celebrities’ take part by doing ‘silly things’ and viewers are asked to pledge money for the cause.
In the latest issue of the newsletter of Steps Conductive Education Centre ( in Leicestershire), it is stated that  this year  a film of the work of  the centre was chosen to be included. What a marvellous opportunity for Steps –  and Conductive Education in the UK.
In the past Children in Need  donated funds to the Foundation for Conductive Education’s children’s services at the  National Institute of Conductive Education, and there may be othe centres who have received help in this way. Perhaps the film was shown as example of how the money raised last year was spent – I don’t know as I did not see the programme.
I do hope, however, that  all went well  and film did get broadcast and was seen by many, especially parents looking for help for their children.

New link to Virtual Library Catalogue

There is now a link on the right-hand side of this blog leading to the catalogue of the Virtual Conductive Education Library on Conduction’s website at
This catalogue started life as another blog

which was not very satisfactory and the format was revamped with the help of Ben Foulger, then housed on Conduction’s website. This blog is still on the Internet but is not being updated.

It provides links to items on Conductive Education available via the Internet, some freely available and some not. These may be documents and articles in full, abstracts, or links to  register for more information or payment options.

A help page is provided for users and any comments on this will be gratefully received as I am in the process of revising it to make it easier to access the information the catalogue contains.

All comments welcome, so please do write to me if you have used the catalogue.

Conductive Education in New Zealand

I received a Google Alert this morning providing a link to a short film on YouTube about Conductive Education. The strange thing was not the amount of time it took to download, but the fact that this film was shown under the banner of Parkinson’s disease and, expecting to see a piece about adults with Parkinson’s, I discovered it was about Conductive Education for children with cerebral palsy.
After watching several parents talk about the effects on their children with no mention of the centre they were attending, I managed to establish that this film had been shown on TVOne in New Zealand. Still, no mention of the centre!
The parents’ expressed views similar to others all over the world and were generally pleased to have found a system to help their children and families.