Month: May 2011

Books on Conductive Education

Last week I was very pleased with myself as I had managed to add two ‘book badges’, as Blurb calls them, for Just do it!and Internationalising Conductive Education   to the side bar of this blog. These join the larger link to Intelligent love.
All three books are published by Conductive Education Press. If you would like to know more about them  and/or order copies,  just click on their ‘pictures’ on the side bar .
All titles are selling steadily which is great news and we would welcome feedback on any or all of them – just post a comment on this blog, email me or
Work is in progress on two new titles which will be published later in the year, so watch this space!

Award for Conductive Education centre founders

In California an award has been established to recognise the endeavours and successes of women entrpreneurs in the State and the winners for 2010 are listed at

Included on this list are the founders of the Avalon Academy in Burlingame, California. This centre was set up in 2005 by Annie Noolan, and Lynette Mullins, parents of children with cerebral palsy with Hungarian conductor Kinga Czengi.

More information about the centre can be found at

Congratulations to all concerned!

Thank you Claire…and congratulations

Over the years I have got know the names of those who have become involved in Conductive Education in a variety of ways. For example, some are conductors, some parents,  some professionals, and some who now ‘use the principles’ of Conductive Education.
In Hong Kong I met a lady whose name I had known for many years. I knew that she had gone to Budapest with her child and then become actively involved in trying to bring CE to Australia – Claire Cotter, parent, occupational therapist and Honorary Conductor.
Claire gave me two videos of  historical interest, videos of the 1991 Australian conference containing presentations by Maria Hari, amongst others. These are now part of my growing library and very important additions.
Thank you very much, Claire, these will be preserved and made available to others in the future.
Whilst preparing this blog I came across a news item about her reporting an award she had received from the  Victorian State Government in Australia  for her work helping “those with disabilities participate in their communities”.
Claire is the first recipient of the Victorian Disability Sector’s leadership award for all her hard work.
She founded the Cerebral Palsy Education Center, which is staffed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and receives input from a conductor.

Hearty congratulations, Claire, and thanks again for the videos.
It was lovely to meet you!

Latest Team around the Child Bulletin now available

The latest TAC Bulletin has now been published and is available at

The editorial looks at the new English government plans for special needs and discusses the use of a variety of interventions for a child with cerebral palsy, including Conductive Education. Interesting reading.
Also included is information about a publication for parents called Disabled Children; a legal handbook along with details on how to obtain a copy .