Month: August 2010

First of its kind? New job advertised in Australia

I have just been sent an alert about a new job advertised in Australia  for a Planning and Implementation Manager – Conductive Education, based at the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC),  who will be involved in the production of courses at the centre, e-learning packages  and on-line course modules.
The CPEC want someone :

Coming from an education background where you have had experience developing course modules this is a role that will align your values and take this world leading programme to Australia and abroad.

Further information is available at

No mention is made of the need for knowledge or experience of Conductive Education that I could find.

My new brain – a programme not to be missed

My new brain is the title of a TV programme being broadcast  on Wednesday 25 August by Channel 4 at 9pm. This tells the story of a young man, Simon, now 20 years old,  who had an accident resulting in severe head injury. He came out of a coma with poor memory and concentration, erratic speech and unable to organise himself, very like a 4 year old.

The cameras have followed his rehabilitation resulting in a tribute to those who cared for and helped him, especially his family, through this life changing episode of  Simon’s life

New website for the Pető Institute ?

Yesterday I  needed to check the date of a Pető Institute publication and clicked on the link for the publications page that I gave a few weeks ago.

To my dismay there was nothing there and so I put Pető Institute into Google again and found what looks like a new site under construction using the previous URL. It does look very crisp and clear with colourful pictures across the top, but at present there are no pages for the library and publications that I could find.

I will keep checking and when I find this information up again on the Internet, I will let you know.

More Conductive Education videos available online

A while ago I posted a blog about a source of videos on Conductive Education.

Today I have found another one, courtesy of Google alerts.

This has 6 pages of videos to browse through covering for example, children and adults, news stories, assessment videos,centres, fundraising events. I have not been able to discover much about this site other than it is :

‘ The first multimedia search engine that helps you find video music and image in one click.’

Let me know what you think.

Change of name

It is now five months since the launch of the New Conductive Education Library at

and I think that the Library can not be considered ‘new’ anymore.

Today I have changed its name to The Virtual Conductive Education Library. It is still  a catalogue of items on the Internet, the URL remains the same and the content has not been altered.

I will continue to add items as I find them.