Month: July 2010

Israelis due to start new course for conductors in September

I have just read  on Andrew’s blog      %20about

about the new course, set up by Tsad Kadima, for training conductors in Israel which is due to start later in the year. What an exciting development this is for Israel and may prove a model for other countries to follow.

 Hearty congratulations to all concerned in setting this up and I will look forward to hearing more about it in the future.
Over the years I have sent material and references to Rony Schenker at Tsad Kadima and asssume these  will now be part of a collection of materials built up over time, making a valuable resource for the students. I hope that the virtual catalogue I am developing at

will be useful to them too.

Maybe I will be sent some documents in Hebrew on the Internet  to include! Remember all contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Conductive Education starts in Vietnam

Today I received an email sending me a link to the  newsletter of Childrens Hope in Action, Vietnam.

This led me to a brief piece about the work of Stephanie Driver, a British conductor who is volunteering there. She has been working on this project for 5 months. several groups with children have ben set up and she  is working hard at introducing Conductive Education to Vietnam. Let us hope that this is a case of small beginnings leading to bigger and better things.

Well done, Stephanie!

New additions in New Conductive Education Library catalogue

A new subject has been added to the virtual library catalogue today. This is Conductive Education Worldwide and includes items covering Conductive Education in a number of countries, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Kuwait, UK and US.

I hope to find more to add to this list.

If you know of any please do let me know.

Research meeting in Newcastle

Over the past few weeks there have been rumours about a meeting on research in Conductive Education and what was discussed. There is a short report on this now available on the Internet at

Laszlo Szogeczki has also included some information on his blog at

where he makes some interesting points and lists those who were present.  He promises that more will follow and maybe we can look forward to published results of the group’s work in the future.

Conductive Education publications for sale

Today I discovered a list of books and pamphlets for sale at Hari Maria Library in the Peto Institute, Budapest.

The majority of these are in  Hungarian but there are eighteen titles in English and a few in German. Other subjects such as the education system in Hungary and neurology are also included.

The rules of the Library are available in English and state that:

Publications for sale

In the Libraries we sell mainly the publications published under the auspices of the Institute, and works connected with the activity of the Institute, respectively. This service is available for anyone during the opening hours.

The complete rules can be viewed at

If you wish to follow up on this, please contact

Fire alarm

How safe are libraries?
We all rely on libraries being there when we want them and believe they are a safe depository of books, journals, papers etc. In the main they are, as precautions are taken to avoid losses due to damage such as fire. But…
In the past the great library in Alexandria was burnt down
and, incidentally, a library in commemoration was  recently been opened there in 2002.
and several years ago, if I remember correctly  the library in the Goethe Institute in Germany suffered a lot of damage due to a fire. Anything lost in such circumstances can be irreplaceable especially if it is old and possibly the only known copy.
On the grapevine I have heard that there was a fire due to an electrical fault in the National Library of Conductive Education at NICE in Birmingham this week. This has happened before but the fire was quickly put out so there was  no losses of stock (or harm to individuals). At the time it was suggested that the library contents be scanned in case of any further fire, but this would have been an enormous and expensive task, so nothing came of it.
Rumour says that the fire was worse this time and it was necessary to throw a bookcase (or just its contents) out a window! Whether this is the complete story or just the story growing as it was passed on, I don’t know, but it is extremely worrying as most of the collection is unique and not available anywhere else.
The  material on the Internet listed in the virtual catalogue at
cannot be destroyed in the same way but is still vulnerable to the whims of the Internet machine and could be taken down or moved. At least it is there.
Perhaps we should all look to the safety of our personal collections of valuable materials in Conductive Education (and other areas) and consider their future.

New additions in New Conductive Education Library catalogue

A number of new additions have been made to the Conductive Education overview section in the New Conductive Education Library today.

I am discovering material in a variety of languages now, so these include items in in English, German and Finnish.

I hope to add more and would like to ask as I usually do, that you send me information and links to any papers, articles etc that are still not included.