Month: June 2010

Research and Evaluation is biggest section in New Conductive Education Library

I have just added some more items to the Research section of the virtual catalogue at

It is by far the biggest subject in the catalogue at the moment with 44 items, 17 of which are free to access.

The range of material is growing by date, language and topic. One of those added today is an article published in 2010  by Susan Effgen and others, another the first to be added in Chinese (with an English abstract).

More to follow!!

Are you having a laugh? TV and disability

A programme on the portrayal of disability over the past 50 years (with the above title) will be broadcast on  BBC2, at 9pm on Friday 25 June. According to the schedule it will be :

A humorous and irreverent look at the way disability has been portrayed on TV over the last 50 years, narrated by David Walliams. From Sandy in Crossroads to Brenda in The Office, we’ll see how the subject has been done well, how it’s been done badly and how box ticking and the odd token wheelchair has helped this process. We look at the astonishing journey from Ironside to Cast Offs, Monty Python to The Office and Little Britain.

Whether it is humourous, remains to be seen.

Enquiries – the long, the short and the unclear

Ever since I have been involved in Conductive Education I have had lots of enquiries from lots of different people at all sorts of levels, from the general to the specific. These I have answered to the best of my ability and most respond with thanks for the information. Most people have told me who they are, what they are doing and why they are asking the questions. Some don’t. Only this week I had an enquiry about biographies of Andras Peto and was only given the name of the enquirer, nothing else, but I answered, as I always do. At no time has it occurred to me to question any query as to its validity.

This week I have been following the postings on Susie Mallet’s and Andrew Sutton’s blogs about an enquiry which turned up in Susie’s spam box and I too wondered if it was a hoax.

Then I get the same message in my spam and now understand her reaction and  puzzlement. Usually anyone doing research at an academic level mentions exactly what they intend to investigate in their  enquiry,(as well as  including where they are studying etc.) and asks  specific questions(s), which is what I would expect from a student working at that level.

 This emailer mentions he is a Master’s student at a named university but also adds that he is “Working on a school project I am doing research on conductive education and my focus is CE furniture”. Perhaps he means that his research is being carried out in a school nearby which is offering CE and has the furniture,  otherwise ‘school project’ and ‘masterate’ don’t really go together in my book, and sounds very odd. Or perhaps that is not the case. There may be a language problem here and if so, clarification would be helpful. I hope that the enquirer writes to all of us to explain further so we can understand his request fully.

Courses and seminars in June, September and October 2010

I have been asked to pass this information about up these up and coming seminars and  courses in the UK to anyone who might be interested so am posting it here.
If you wish to know more about any events listed, please do use the emails given with each  event below.

1. TAC Seminar: When ‘fewer people’ means better early support for children with complex needs & their families
Monday June 21st 2010. 10 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Friends House, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ.
Places Still Available
Topics for discussion:
1. The TAC System: keeping intervention as simple and straightforward as possible.

2. How we sometimes waste education and therapy resources with too many practitioners offering a child too many separate interventions.

3. TAC as the heart of a locality’s well organised, multi-agency, collective effort for early support.
Cost: Between £85* and £130 (* reduced prices for groups). Free places for parents
Contact: Peter Limbrick, e-mail:   Tel: 01497 831550

2.  Lecture & Lunch: Towards 21st Century working practices for teachers and therapists in Early  
     Childhood Intervention / Support

Friday September 17th 2010. 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. (Reception at 10.00 and lunch at 12.30
Hayward Lecture Theatre
Postgraduate Centre, City Hospital, Birmingham, B18 7QH

A lecture and discussion by Peter Limbrick

In this lecture Peter will argue that, as an essential part of modernising Early Childhood Intervention / Early Support, radical change is needed in the working practices of both teachers and therapists – and in how they work together. From this change will come a 21st Century system that reduces the potential for stress and strain on children, saves families’ time and energy, and makes far better use of practitioners’ time.

Cost (to include light vegetarian lunch): £45.00. Some free places for parents.

To apply for a place: E-mail:  Tel: (0044) 01497 831550

3.  New Course: The Team Around the Child System: to take then strain off children, families and practitioners

Two days, 12th and 13th October, 2010

Friends House, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ.

Cost: £295 – not including accommodation.

For more information and booking form contact Peter Limbrick:

The Seminar, Lecture and TAC Training can come to your venue with reduced costs.

4.  Two-day Workshop: Sleep Practitioner Training for health professionals, PAMs, etc working with families of disabled children

Handsel Trust Sleep Practitioner Workshop is now accredited by the Royal College of Nursing Accreditation Unit
The rolling programme of workshops is part of Handsel Trust’s Sleep Initiative and offers an introduction to the principles of sleep assessment and management. The next one is in Birmingham in September 2010 (places available). For full programme e-mail:

For more information, please contact  Peter Limbrick, Interconnections, Tel/fax: 01497 831 550. E-mail:

Conductive Education centres I-Z

Following on from the list of centres in countries beginning with letters A-F, a list of Conductive Education centres  arranged by country beginning with the letters  I to Z, has just been posted  Each centre has contact details  including website and email address where possible.

Information about these centres has been found by searching the Internet. Sometimes a site is not removed when the organisation concerned has ceased to exist, so  if any are no longer operating or I have not included some new ones without websites, please do let me know and send me the full available details. I will then amend the list.

Ireland (Eire)

Cork Centre for Conductive Education
Cork Peto Group Ltd,Bandon Business Centre,Lauragh,Bandon,Co. Cork, Ireland.
Phone: +353(0)23 29834 email:

Hand in Hand
Norbreck, Belvedere Lawn, Douglas, Cork, Ireland. contact: Hajnalka Kele
phone: 00353 (0) 879560460 email:


Tsad Kadima
11 Beit Hadfus St’ P.O.Box 34336 Jerusalem 95483 Israel
contact: Rony Schenker phone: 02 6540062 fax: 02 6540069
email:  web site:


Cerchio delle Abilita
Corso Agnelli 107 Torino Italy
contact: The Manager
email: web site:


Warashibe Institute
Nagao Arasaka 2-3575, Hirakata-shu, Osaka 573-01, Japan
contact: Centre Manager phone: 0728681301 fax: 0728681301
email:  website:


Conductive Education School Kuwait
Farwaniya, Jordan St., Behind Al-Tadamun Sport Club. P.O. Box 27215- Safat 13133 Kuwait
contact: The Manager phone: +965 4767129 fax: +965 4734370
email:  website:
[Unable to access this web page at present as may be under re-construction]


Schrett fir Schrett34, Rue Adolphe Weis  L-7260 Bereldange
contact:  Mme Maggy Wagner  tél. : +352 33-27-08  fax : +352 33-27-08


Con Nostra@s
Apartado Postal 183 Jiutepec Morelos CP62550 Mexico
contact: Margara Millan
email:   website:

Fundacion Peto
Calle 23 #124, Col. San Pedro De los pinos, Del. Benito Juárez, C.p 03800 México D.f
Contact: Katalin Fazekas tel:  46 32 87 03 website:


Stichting Kids Stichting Kids
Elsbeekweg 49 a, 7557 CB Hengelo
Contact: Centre Manager Tel: 074- 750535
E-mail:   website:

New Zealand

Addington School
22 Brougham St, Christchurch.
Contact: The Principal. Tel: 03 366 2909 Fax: 03 366 2909
Tui Glen Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation (Conductive Education for Adults)
2 Claude Brooks Drive, PO Box 21 504, Henderson Waitakere City 0650
Contact: Centre Manager Tel: 09 836 6830 Fax: 09 836 6832
e-mail:   website:

Iris Conductive Education Centre
P.O. Box 16067, 13 Coyle Street, Sandringham, Auckland 1351
Contact: J Ballantyne Tel: 09 846 6295 ext 846 Fax: 09 846 1232
email:   website:

Conductive Education Waikato Trust Early Intervention Unit (Pre-school Children)
Fairfield Road, PO Box 21 217, Hamilton.
contact: Unit Manager tel: 07 855 7013 fax: 07 8557014

Woodstock Primary School Conductive Education Unit (Primary School Children)
Fairfield Road, Hamilton.
contact: Unit Manager tel: 07 855 6686  fax: 07 853 7056
email: or  website:

Conductive Education Wellington Trust Early Intervention (Pre-school Children)
Wheatley Street, PO Box 35 078, Naenae, Wellington.
contact: Centre Manager tel: 04 577 3480  fax:04 577 3480

Naenae Primary School Conductive Education Unit (Primary School Children)
Wheatley Street, Naenae, Wellington.
contact: Unit Manager tel: 04 567 8117 fax: 04 567 8771
email:   website:

Conductive Education Canterbury Early Intervention Centre (Pre-School Children)
22 Brougham Street, Addington, PO Box 9230, Christchurch.
contact: Unit Manager tel: 03 372 1399 fax: 03 372 1499
email:   website:

Addington Primary School Conductive Education (Primary School Children)
22 Brougham Street, Addington, PO Box 9230, Christchurch.
contact: The Principal  tel: 03 366 2909  fax: 03 366 2909
email:  website:

Cashmere High School Conductive Education (Secondary School Students)
172 Rose Street, Cashmere, Christchurch 8024.
contact: The Principal tel: 03 322 9129 fax: 03 332 9126
email:  website:

Conductive Education Southland (Pre-school, Primary and Secondary School Aged Children) Gladstone Scout Hall, Cnr Holywood Terrace & Russell Street, P O Box 126, Invercargill.
contact: Unit Manager tel: 03 931 0111
email:  website:


Habilitation Centre Universtiy Hospital of Tromso
Gimleveien 70 9017 TROMSO Norway
contact: Ole Myrland-Reider phone: 077 678500 fax: 077 678501

Hedmark Næringspark Bygg 8 2312 OTTESTAD Norway
contact: Wenche Bolkan Nordli  tel: 62 58 82 04 fax: 62 58 82 05
email:  web site:

Stavanger Gamleveien 5 Stavanger 4018 Norway
contact: Kari Hapnes tel:  62 58 82 04 email:


Po Pierwsze Rodzina Association
ul. Pogonowskiego 22 01-564 Warszawa Poland
contact: Makgorzata Bal tel: 48 (22) 839 6776 fax: 48 (22) 839 6850
email:  website:


Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana para la Neurorehabilitación FUVANE
C/ Narciso Monturiol y Estarriol 7-9 Paterna (Valencia) Comunidad Valenciana 46980 Spain
contact: Victoria Marco Gargallo tel: +34 96 136 68 65 fax: +34 96 1318230
email:  website:

Instituto Espanol de Educacion Conductiva Camino de Santiago
s/n 31190 Cizur Menor Navarra Spain
contact: Humberto Maravi tel: 0948 183180/1 fax: 0948 183176
email:  web site:

Centro de Neurorehabilitacion PETO
Pintor Asarta1, 31007 Pamplona
contact: Centre Manager  tel: 948 196 648  website:


Centrum for konduktiv pedagogik
I Vastmanland Konstnarsvagen 32 724 71 Vasteras Sweden
contact: Silva Bartl, Jiri Bartl  tel: +46 21 356921
email:  website:

Fram Assistans Konstnärsvägen 32 724 71 Västerås Sweden
contact: Centre Manager phone: 021-356921 fax: 073-5899427
email:  website:

Move & Walk
Sverige AB Queckfeldtsgatan 114 S-571 37 Nassjo Sweden
contact: Eszter Horvath Tothne  tel : 038073500 fax: 038017252
email:  website:

Mullback Institutet
Smedjeg. 15 54631 Karlsborg Sweden
contact: Lars Mullback tel: 0505 12070 fax: 0505 59222
email:  website:

One Step
Ljungfalleskolan Sarskolan Drabantvagen 4 352 54 Vaxjo Sweden
contact: Judit Kovacs  tel: 0470/43628
email:   website:
Varmlands Association for Conductive Education
Myre 67140 Åmotfors 67140 Åmotfors Sweden
contact: Lars Wiren tel: 0571-35013 fax: 0571 35066
email:   website:


Chamerstrasse 67 6300 Zug Switzerland
contact: Adel Sopronyi tel: +41(0)76 366 02 10
email:  website:

Verein SelbStandig
LiebachstraBe 17 CH 8123 Ebmatingen Switzerland
contact: Peter Wehrli phone: 01 980 3828 fax: 01 980 58 30