Month: May 2010

More virtual references in the catalogue

A number of references to articles on Research and Evaluation have been added to that section of the New Conductive Education Library today.

Also a new section on Parents and Conductive Education has been added at

As always,  I ask for anyone who has other Internet references for items in these, and  all other areas, to please let me know.

Hungarian violinist on Desert Island Discs

Today I heard Desert Island Discs whilst driving. This is a radio programme, created in 1942, where a celebrity chooses 8  records they would like to have with them if ever shipwrecked on a desert island. The interviewer asks questions about the persons’ life and why they have chosen their seven pieces of music. These people come from all walks of life and have included politicians, actors, writers, musicians, pop stars. The guest today was Gyorgy Pauk, the Hungarian violinist who talked about his childhood in the Budapest ghetto during the Nazi occupation of World War II, his eventual escape to the West and his musical career after that..

Anyone wishing to hear this or see the list of his musical choices should go to

Schools for Parents

I have just received the following Google alert, as Scope has updated its website.

Scope, a charity working for the disabled in the UK has created a network of Schools for Parents that offer various Conductive Education Services. A charity was set up by parents of cerebral palsied children in the 1950s to support and care for those with cerebral palsy and it was called the Spastics Society. In the 1990s it became involved in Conductive Education but this was not developed  and sustained as suggested at the time. It has now changed its name to Scope  and over the past few years has gradually widened  its support to include all disabled people and their families. A network of Schools for Parents has been created over the years  that offers various Conductive Education Services.   A list of these can be found on their website at

Twenty-six schools are listed alphabetically by name and not geographically. These are a mixed collection and consist of centres operating for some years, e.g. The Rainbow Centre, STEPS Leicestershire Conductive Education Centre, The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy  and some part of established special schools e.g Percy Hedley, Villa Real, Horton Lodge. along with small centres such as the Norfolk School for Parents.

Some centres have conductors and some offer the principles of Conductive Education, one even says that the staff have been trained in the Peto method, but not where or how. This makes it difficult to understand exactly what is on offer, but  I am sure any parent wishing to find CE for his/her child would follow up on this information and find out more about each School using the contact details given  and probably making a visit.

Review of New Conductive Education Library

As it is just over a month since I started posting items on the virtual catalogue at

I thought it might be worth reviewing how the catalogue has grown and look at the number of visitors to the site.

I am pleased to say that since early April, 108 items have been entered in the catalogue under 8 different subjects and 794 visitors have been recorded. A  few comments have been made, all very positive.

Initially I included only items that were freely available to all but am now also putting up the locations for those needing payment to view. I know this can be frustrating for those who hope to access the material immediately, at no cost, but including them does at least flag up their existence and potential use. Some academic libraries do allow public access for reference purposes (in the UK at least) so it would be worth while contacting a university near you if you wish to track down any article.

There are quite a number in the pipeline to be posted and I am checking the Internet regularly for items to add. If you know of any that I may have missed or be unaware of, please do let me know.

New items in virtual catalogue

Up until now all items listed in the New Education Library have been those freely available on the Internet. I am now starting to add items that require payment to view and these can be found, marked with two red stars to flag up that payment is necessary, amongst the free documents.

At the moment the free items are far more numerous than those to be paid for, but perhaps over time this will change.

Using information on the blogs

 have received an email saying how useful the virtual catalogue on the New Conductive Education Library blog is proving to be. This is very gratifying and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Thank you, Viba.

She also asked whether I was happy for her to link the blog to a Discussion Group on Google. Naturally I was very happy to say that this was fine. Anyone can link to my blogs, copy, cut and paste the posts, as long as they do acknowledge where they have been taken from. My main aim in producing the lists etc is to help others find what is available, and be able to compare, criticise, comment on the items so listed.  Learn more about, and from, the literature Conductive Education.

So feel free to use whatever you like under the conditions mentioned, and let me know how useful it is.

New additions to virtual catalogue

Several changes and additions have been made to the virtual catalogue today on the New Conductive Education Library blog.

 References concerning Conductive Education with adults have been added to the virtual catalogue today. Only a few of Susie Masllet’s posts have been included as clicking on the link will lead you to her labels list where it is possible to access 25 posts on her work with adults.

A list of blogs has also been posted and these have been divided into Information blogs and parent blogs to reflect the different contents.

A link to a list of Conductive Education newsletters has also been added to the righ hand side of the blog.

As always comments and suggestions will be welcome.