Month: April 2010

‘Making the statistic’ in Conductive Education

I have received an enquiry asking where statistics on the number of children with cerebral palsy receiving/received Conductive Education can be found. Well, as far as I know there are none. Individual providers may well keep their own for administrative purposes and to include them in Annual Reports, but these are not made available in an obvious public way or collated by anyone.

The Peto Institute did produce some statistics quite a while ago, a copy of which is in the National Conductive Education Library, and Maria Hari often talked about ‘making the statistic’, including them in her early presentations. These, of course, are now way out of date.

I referred the enquirer to the National Library of Conductive Education where it may be possible to find some figures in student dissertations, conference proceedings or research articles. Quite a time consuming process.

How useful they can be, I am not sure, but if anyone is willing to send me any figures they know of, I will try and produce an overall picture and put it on this blog.

Bibliographies on New Conductive Education Library

A list of bibliographies found on the Internet has just been posted on the New Conductive Education Library site ( see link on right hand side).

 This list is divided into two sections; one, a list  of individuals work and the second a list by subject. This second list consists of lists compiled by me over the years and published on the Foundation for Conductive Education’s website. Hard copies  should still be available in the National Library.

Even though the Foundation’s old website has been withdrawn now, these are still available on a web archive. Please note the dates. Some were compiled more than ten years ago and need updating but  make a useful starting place.

Please do let me know if any others are available online.

The New Conductive Education Library

Gradually over the years documents, articles, reviews etc on Conductive Education have been posted on the Internet and I thought it might be useful to bring these together in a ‘virtual’ catalogue. This catalogue will include all such items that can be tracked down.

Go to  for the first entries.

A  number of items are waiting to be classified and these will be added in the near future.


As I do not have the relevant software or expertise in devising my own, I have started this catalogue in a blog format which is easy to use  for me, the compiler, and you, the user. This may change at a later date.


Items are arranged by subject, ‘classified’, using the scheme I devised whilst Librarian at the Foundation for Conductive Education, and include all known bibliographic details where possible. There is a list of subjects on the right-hand side, just click to access items in that area.

Please note that none of the items will be evaluated for quality. That is a job for readers: it is not the role of a library. Inclusion in this catalogue indicates solely their existence on the Internet.

All suggestions, thoughts, or information about documents you have found, that may be included in this catalogue, will be very welcome.