Month: September 2009

Where can I get books on Conductive Education?

I was sent an email this week asking about the book Susie mentions in a comment on Andrew’s blog about spina bifida Dr.Erika Medveczky’s book published, I think, in 2006 is Conductive Education as an educational method of neurorehabilitation. Budapest: Peto Institute. ISBN963 229 819 5This particular book, in Hungarian or English, is only available from the Peto Inbstitute. Although they no longer have a list of publications on their website, the library holds stock, can supply items and would, I am sure, let you know what else is still in print that they can supply.
Contact balogh.margit@peto.huUnfortunately I, personally, do not have books on CE for sale, but can suggest where to go.

Some titles can be ordered from the Foundation for Conductive Education and include:

Akos, K. and Akos, M. (1991) Dina. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education

Maguire, G. and Sutton, S., ed. (2004) Maria Hari on conductive pedagogy. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

 Maguire, G. and Nanton, V., ed. (2005) Looking back and looking forward. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

All three titles should be available via Amazon too. The Foundation also has a number of other titles in their catalogue produced in the 1990s and I suggest you contact them for availability. These include: Come wind come weather 

The transitional years A different outlook 

The Foundation may also hold copies of Adult Conductive Education; a practical guide for sale. Copies of all titles mentioned here should also be accessible to users and members of the National Library of Conductive Education. If anyone knows of new titles published on Conductive Education please let me know. Details of any I hear about will be posted on this blog.

CE centres worldwide A-F

This is a list of centres or programs employing conductors, in countries beginning with letter A to letter F. If I have missed any centres or programs, or included wrong details, do please let me know so that I can amend accordingly.

CE Assoc. of W. Australia19 Carson Street East Victoria Park 6101 Western Australia Australia
contact: Trevor Granland, President phone: 08 9361 7500 fax: 08 9361 6363 web site:

Centre for Conductive Education
McLeod Centre, 189 Alhambie Road, Alhambie Heights, NSW 2100
contact: Joan Bratel phone: 02 9975 8424 fax: 02 9975 8420 web site:

Conductive Education ServiceSpecial Education Resource Unit, 724 Marlborough Street, Henley Beach, SA
contact: Assistant Manager tel 8235 2871
email website

Kidman Park Primary SchoolDean Avenue Kidman Park Adelaide 5025 Australia
contact: Meryl Davidson phone: 011 618 353 2444 fax: 011 618 235 1357

National Association Conductive Education (SA)
P.O.Box 152 Fulham Gardens South Australia Australia
contact: Andrew Rabbitt phone: 0408845135 web site:


Institut Keil
Bergstetggasse 36- 38 A – 1170 Wien Austria
contact: Monika Weiszmann phone: 0043 1 408 81 22 fax: 0043 1 408 81 22 16 web site

Mehrfach Therapeutisches Zentrum MTZ – LinzDauphinestarsse 56 A – 4030 Linz Austria contact: Mr Kapellner / Mrs Schmid
phone: 0043 732 30 40 20 fax: 0043 732 30 40 20 20 web site


Al Matrook Conductive Rehabilitation Centre
Duraz, Bahrain
[No other information available]


Centre et Ecole “La Famille”
Rue Jean Jacquet 25 1081 Bruxelles Belgium contact: Yves Bawinphone: 02 411 31 37 fax: 02 410 93 35 web site:


Associação Beneficente Pássaros de LuzItajai, Santa Catarina

Educação Condutiva Com Amor
Florianópolis- Santa Catarina
Rod. SC 401, km 14 Vargem Pequena
contact: Leticia Kuerten


Ability Camp Inc
RR#8 Picton Ontario KDK2T0 Canada
contact: Kevin Hickling, Director phone: 1-800-442-6992
email: web site:

Families of Alberta for Conductive Education (FACE)
Hope Lutheran Church, 3527 Boulton Road, NW Calgary, AB T2L 2L3
contact: Andrea Hargitai

March of Dimes
10 Overlea Boulevard Toronto Ontario M4H 1A4 Canada
contact: Brent Page phone: 416 425 3463 fax: 416 425 1920 web site:
Sessions also available in Nova Scotia. contact: Beth Brydonphone:902-401-8425

Purpose Conductive Education Lower Mainland Purpose Society, 40 Begbie Street New Westminster, B.C. V3M 3L9 Canada contact: James Forliti, Coordinator phone: 604-526-2522 fax: 604-526-6546
email: web site:

Strive for Children
PO Box 2900, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 7W7
Contact; Centre Manager phone: (647)828-5255

The Movement Centre of Manitoba Inc.1646 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg Manitoba R2G 1N7
contact: Margy Nelson, Executive Director phone: 204 489 2679 fax: 204 255 2947 web site:

S.T.E.P.S. (Special Therapy & Education Program of Saugeen).Contact: Angela Richard e-mail phone: 519 797 1935 website

S.W.O.N.T. Optimist Conductive Education Trust FundP.O. Box 22, Pain Court, ON N0P 1Z0
contact: Manager phone: 519-351-2089 fax: 519-351-3494 or website:


Conductive Education Program Copenhagen Istedgade 44, 41650 KH V Copenhagen, Denmark
contact: Andrea Sabroe  email:   web site:

CP Skolen
Gustav Zimmersvej 23 9430 Vadum Denmark contact: Centre Manager phone: 98 26 96 93 email: web site:

Kongevejen 252, 2830 Virumcontact: Manager phone:. 45114000 Fax: 45114001 email:

Konduktiv Pædagogik i Danmark
Primulahaven 52 Smørumnedre 2765 Smørum Denmark contact: Jette Olsen phone: 44 651757 email:

Eire (Ireland)

Cork Centre for Conductive Education
Cork Peto Group Ltd,Bandon Business Centre,Lauragh,Bandon,Co. Cork, Ireland
Phone: +353(0)23 29834  email:

Hand in Hand

Norbreck, Belvedere Lawn, Douglas, Cork, Ireland.
contact: Hajnalka Kele  phone: 00353 (0) 879560460


Association Noemi   675 re Pateur 59652 Sainghin en Melantois France
contact: Olivier Delplanque email:

Centre d’Education Conductive de Bayeux  Honorine Leve Toi, 39 rue des bouchers 14 400 BAYEUX
contact: Melanie Jeannot    phone : +33(0) –

Spina bifida in the news

Yesterday I saw a news item on television about the rise of spina bifida cases in Scotland. The Scottish Association for Spina Bifida was recommending that women hoping to have a child should take folic acid as a precaution.

This morning I read of about a parent’s blog new to me that is reporting her child’s sessions at the Conductive Learning Center in Michigan.

On this she reports that a child with spina bifida is in her daughter’s group, and I wondered if this is a sign that spina bifida is increasing outside the UK too. The Peto Institute has always had a Conductive Education group for those with the condition, and some of the first non-Hungarian children to go there in the 1980s had spina bifida.

Due to the decline in numbers it has not featured much in Conductive Education in the UK since then, as far as I am aware. Perhaps things will change and conductors will need a refresher course on those children’s needs.

If any centres do have groups with spina bifida children, please let me know and I will put the information up on this blog.