Why does this still happen?

Today I have been checking on reports of Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America (with little success, but that’s another blog to follow later)  and found something else  to report as often happens.

Warington Disability Partnership (in the North of England) is holding an exhibition as part of its Disability Awareness Day in July 2011 and has posted a list of exhibitors on the Internet.

Mention of Conductive Education led me to search the list and I found this:

Stick ‘n’ Step

Sarah Smithson , 0151 638 0888
Conductive education is a type of physiotherapy to help children learn how to move and communicate to the best of their ability.

Why, oh why, do we still keep seeing CE described as ‘a type of physiotherapy’? I have always been told that if its being carried out properly it certainly isn’t any sort of therapy, its an education system, and I am sure the conductors at this centre are doing it properly.

Am I wrong?

Please let me know.

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