URLs for Conductive Education blog and virtual catalogue

Nearly two years ago hackers got into my Conductive Education Information blog at www.gillian-maguire.info and the virtual library catalogue at http://virtualcelibrary.blogspot.co.uk/, making it impossible for me to access them.

Consequently, these two locations are now no longer anything to do with me and I have not added or removed any postings for a long time now,  it is impossible for me to do so.

Why the hackers did this I have no idea, I assume just for the fun of it.

All blog postings have been copied and transferred to this location and the virtual library catalogue was moved to e-conduction’s website in 2010 at


Over the weekend I had a notification from Google that my URL www.gillian-maguire.info was due for renewal and after thinking long and carefully about this I have decided that I will let it go and not renew it.

This blog has its own URL as can be seen above this posting, and the catalogue is accessible via E-CONDUCTION.

All  those of you who have links to the old URLs please remove them and replace with :

for the Virtual Library  e-conduction.org/virtual-library-main-page/

and this blog  www.e-conduction.org/ceinformation

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