Updating the Where Conductors Work Map

The map indicating where conductors work has been up for some time and had regular additions and changes made whenever information has been sent to me.


As most of the entries have not been checked for a while I thought I would make this a summer project. No doubt you can see what a daunting prospect that is but I have made a start by checking whether websites  for the US workplaces and countries beginning with the letter A – G  are still ‘live’ and found a number which are not. These are:

Cerebral Palsy Ability Center

 Boost Camp

 A Step to Independence

 Brighter Beginnings through Conductive Education

 International Institute for Conductive Education

 Blue Ridge Association for Conductive Education

 Special Therapy and Education Program of Saugeen

 S.W.O.N.T Optomist Conductive Education

 Hand in Hand

These centres may have new websites or changed their names making it impossible for me to find them.

If anyone can confirm their closure or new name/website I would be very grateful  and make the changes accordingly.

If I hear nothing their pins will be removed from the map.

I would welcome news of any other centre changes of name, website, address, not mentioned here.

Conductor/s need to be employed in  a workplace for it to be  included on the map, so please also let me know of any that have a pin, but  no longer have conductors on the staff.

Thank you!


3 comments on “Updating the Where Conductors Work Map

  1. Jules mcdonald August 4, 2014 5:42 pm

    Hi gill, our details are still correct with addition of that we now have some adult services and contact email is conductive@thelegacy-rainbowhouse.com also, we have an inclusive nursery called the legacy nursery on site too. Thanks gills. Best wishes Jules x

  2. Gillian Maguire August 5, 2014 1:14 pm

    Thanks very much for this, Jules. It is just what I want people to do! Good luck with all the developments at your centre.

  3. Bobbie Jo Howard August 7, 2014 1:05 pm

    The SouthWest Ontario Optimist Club is still operating summer camps, we were just at one last month. If you need a contact persons information, let me know I can get that for you. Would love to get something like this started in our area (South a Eastern Pennsylvania) but no idea where to start.

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