Results of searching for articles in Cerebral Palsy Magazine

I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching the wayback machine
This is an Internet archive of ‘snapshots’ taken of websites’ pages on given days and sometimes also includes material that is linked to on those pages. All you need to know to get started is the URL of the site you are looking for.  It is a wonderful tool for finding material that has been removed from the Internet but can be a bit hit and miss as I have discovered.
I was hunting for certain articles  in Cerebral Palsy Magazine. There were four articles on Conductive Education published in the magazine between 2003 and 2008 but I was only able to find the full text for one of them, the one about conductor training written by Andrew Sutton in 2004. This has now been entered in the virtual catalogue. Not a bad percentage, I suppose but still disappointing.
I hope to be able to track the others down by other means – if possible.

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