Recent articles on Conductive Education in journals

Today on Facebook I saw a note by Andrew Sutton that a new article on Conductive Education had been published in an academic journal so I followed the link given and it is now in the Virtual Library’s catalogue on  Conduction’s website. (see below)

Andrew also asked when there had last been an article on Conductive Education published in a journal.
 Recent Advances in Conductive Education which aimed to encourage reports of developments worldwide and  spread information about the practice of Conductive Education ceased publication in 2008 and no other journal devoted to the subject exists.
There have been numerous ephemeral reports in newspapers and magazines recently but those in academic journals that I am aware of are:

one in 2008, by Brittle and others on adults in Clinical Rehabilitation

and three in 2010 :
The first in Physiothrapy and Practice by Effgen and Chan on children and gross motor behaviors

and another in the Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy. a comparative study by Schenker and others

and an evaluation by Tuersley-Dixon and Frederiskson  in Educational Psychology and Practice at

Now we have the first for 2012 by Lotan and others in Developmental Neurorehabilitation  at

All these items are entered in the Virtual library catalogue. Not many, but more than I thought. If I have missed any, please let me know.

Articles often come from academic institutions where there is encouragement to publish, or as a result of research, and I wonder how many such projects are yet to be written up and published. If you know of any, again, please let me know.

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