Recent Advances in Conductive Education

At Conductive Education Press we are preparing another book for publication. This is taking longer than we thought as facts and figures need checking and verifying. In the process I have been looking at the journal, Recent Advances in Conductive Education, published by Foundation for Conductive Education from 2001-2009. As stated in the editorial of the first issue, the aim was to offer a platform to

everyone everywhere who has a serious contribution to make for the advancement and cause of Conductive Education, written according to usual academic standards.

Over its 8 year life 90 items – editorials, articles, book reviews, bibliographies  and a conference report were published. These covered all aspects of Conductive Education including history, philosophy, practice, families, adults, children, training, development, information technology and contributors included conductors, parents, researchers, lecturers, service users, and students. For example, the contents of vol.5, no.2, 2006, are

Andrew Sutton, Editorial: steps towards a conductive literature, pp.49-50.

Rony Schenker, The five Fs: cornerstones for success − Tsad Kadima (a step forward) − a case study, pp.51-55.

Jack Wiley, Maysaa Mahmood, Cyrus Jackson, Conductive Education in cerebral palsy: a programme evaluation of the Individual Achievements Association, pp.56-76.

Laura Jones, Roles and responsibilities of teacher-conductors working within three special schools in England and Australia, pp.77-86.

Amanda Elliott, Challenge me! Mobility Activity Cards, pp.87-89.

Simon Welch, Development and expansion of Conductive Education outreach services at Megan Baker House, pp.90-95.

 I was involved in the production and editing, and looking back now I can see that we achieved more than we hoped was possible at the start. Unfortunately it ceased publication in 2009 as it was becoming very difficult to find contributions and contributors but it remains the only serious journal ever to be published on Conductive Education.

The journal had a small number of subscribers but as it was registered and had an International  Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1476-2374) it was sent to British Library for them to archive and supply copies of articles, as and when requested. A complete run should also be available at the National Library of Conductive Education in Birmingham.

I wonder how many people are aware of and use  this valuable resource?

Do let me know!

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