Presentation on Conductive Education published in German last month

Last week I discovered via a Facebook posting

that a CE presentation made at the World Congress in Munich, 2013 by Beate Höß-Zenker und Mariann Stelczerne-Oberszt  has been published in German as part of a  book on  children with complex disabilities,

Leben pur – Aktivität und Kreativität bei Menschen mit komplexer Behinderung: verlag selbstbestimmtes leben. [Life Pure – activity and creativity in people with complex disabilities:  Self-determined life], published by Bundesverband f. körper- u. mehrfachbehinderte Menschen.

This book is available priced 17.40 euros  via Amazon  at

I do not know the title of the presentation or anything about its contents, but am hoping to see a copy of the book or presentation soon.

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