Please write, write, write on Conductive Education

Yesterday I read a parent’s blog via a link from Andrew Sutton’s blog, saying how much she liked to read, and how keen she was to read about Conductive Education and how it could help her.

I responded saying to get in touch with me for suggestions. Later I realised that I might be offering false hope as Andrew had already mentioned Dina, the only really useful item of any substance. As you probably all know, the literature of Conductive Education is very limited, and anything worth reading at any level even more limited. I managed to collect as much as I could for the National Library of Conductive Education whilst the librarian there, but this was everything for the record rather than just all the ‘good stuff’.

What can I suggest? I did produce a list titled Parents Experiences of Conductive Education, but this was mainly unpublished accounts of the results and improvements made by their children after recieving Conductive Education, rather than practical explanations of what actually the conductors did. Anyone wishing to know more about this list should contact me. All items are (or were when I left) in the National Library of Conductive Education at NICE in Birmingham. Other than this, Dina and possible some parents’ blogs ( I hope to compile a list of these soon), I can think of nothing. Suggestions would be very welcome as new material may be out there that I do not know about.

Previously on this blog I have called for conductors to write about what they do, explain their practice and offer guidance to parents, or anyone else interested in how it works, in this way. There seems to be a reluctance to do this in case others use the information to ‘practise’ it themselves by offering services with ‘the principles of Conductive Education,’ as expressed in one comment on my posting.

So I ask again, please do write, as one conductor does already, at Help us all to understand and be able to explain to others why it is such a wonderful system. Anyone can write down what they do, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to report and explain.

Research and academic material is still needed but that is a completely different ball game!

So please write, write, write so we can all read and learn, learn, learn.

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