More in the Virtual Conductive Education Library Depository

After neglecting the Depository of the virtual Library  for the past weeks I have just added several papers. These have been sent to me over the past couple of days and provided the push I needed to get more material up.
A report by Rony Schenker of the recent conference on Conductive Education held in Shanghai last December is now in the Depository alongside its Chinese version translated by Claire Cheng. These make three items about China, two of them  in English. It doesn’t sound a lot but considering most information about the development of CE in China is on the Internet  in Mandarin, having two recent items in English is quite a coup.  If you know of others, please do send therm to me.
Getting these into the right format for uploading has taken me quite a while today –  and a lot of careful work. Each had to be redone several times and my patience wore a bit thin more than once! But in the end  –  success. Hooray!
After doing this I checked my email and a friend had sent me a link to a video. I have just watched this and realised that I am quite happy to get frustrated, do things again and again  and  not work like the man in the film.

Have a look

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