More additions to Virtual Library catalogue

Here are the last additions for 2014 which are the usual mixture of articles, reports, and documents.

More to come later this year.

Pressspiegel/Press review: 8th World Congress on Conductive Education
Anna Souksengphet-Dachlauer
Press cuttings compilation

Conductive Education; [school policy]
Horton Lodge Community Special School
pdf document

Conductive Education for cerebral palsy
Wendy Fidler
Journal article

Annual review 2012-13
Stick ‘n’ Step Centre
pdf document

Conductive Education and NDT – Bobath: experts discussion on history, development and current practice
Rony Schenker and others
Journal article

Careful planning and routine are key to development
Tünde Rózsahegyi
Journal article

Professional profile of conductor of Conductive Education Sweden
Svenska Conductorsföreningen
pdf document

Conductive Education Resource Library
Jockey Club Marion Fang Conductive Learning Centre SAHK

The virtual catalogue can be found at


Please do let me know of any items you know that are not included.

Thanks to all  of you for your support and a Happy New Year.

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