Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy


Producing  Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy took a lot of hard work but was a labour of love. The library had copies of a number of Mari Hari’s unpublished papers produced 1968-2000 which deserved a wider audience, so eight were selected, edited and published with explanatory introductions to each by Andrew Sutton. Our aim was to end up with a book which ‘explained’ Conductive Education in a easy to understand way in the words of someone who knew what it is all about and according to Susie Mallett, it appears that we were successful.
Thanks very much, Susie, feedback is very welcome!
It has proved to be a steady seller since publication in 2004, being purchased by conductors, parents, students, academics and health professionals all over the world and hopefully more and more people will want to buy, read and ‘enjoy’. It costs £10.00 plus post and packing of £1.00 in the UK and £2.00 overseas. The other book that Susie mentions, Dina, is also available for £11.95 plus postage and packing as above. Anyone who would like to order either or both books,can do so by contacting me at gill@nice.ac.uk or can order Maria Hari on conductive pedagogy from our bookshop on cafe press.com.
Anyone else who would like to share their thoughts and opinions of either book, please let us know and I will report views on this blog.

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