Library has good start for 2009

2009 looks as though it could be a good year for the Library after a very quiet end to 2008. It has started with a number of requests, one for photocopying material for personal study, and several for information covering all aspects of the stock here, ranging from the very general to the specific. All in the past week, at a time which is traditionally quiet here. I have been asked for information on how Conductive Education got its name, Pető, rehabilitation, and ‘for everything you have on cerebral palsy’. The last is an impossible thing to do as there are books, articles, leaflets, journals etc at a variety of levels. So, please be as specific as possible when making enquiries.One enquiry which I blogged and seems to have created a lot of interest, is the one made by Susie about when Conductive Education became known as Conductive Education, as the Hungarian term means something very different. You can see my response to this enquiry on this blog at

with comments that followed, and also

and other relevant postings can be found on Andrew’s blog at

and Susie’s

As I have said already, this subject needs a lot more time spending on it and would be a very interesting project for someone, as its name and the use of the various terms now used, has affected the support and development of Conductive Education worldwide. The facts presented in my previous postings are just the result of a brief survey of materials held here and a thorough investigation would reveal so much more. So please keep this interesting discussion going as that in itself provides a valuable resource for those who wish to extend their knowledge of Conductive Education.

I have also been pleased to see that the number of hits to this blog is now well over one thousand and I hope some of these people will start to make enquiries, ask questions and make comments.

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