Librarians are always happy to help

I have just made a comment on Conductive World. Yesterday I commented on a question about CE on Facebook

and Andrew has blogged his thoughts on this and my response.

This is what I have said:

It gave me a nice warm feeling to be able to use my knowledge of CE literature, and I hope it helped. I have always got satisfaction from bringing information and people together, as  a room full of information is not always easy to access without help.
It is not often that Librarians are rated at all or  acknowledgement given to their expertise, so thank you for this, Andrew.
I am always happy to help via my blog, Conductive Education Information at  if I can.

If anyone does think I can help, please ask, and then I will if I can. As well as my memory I do have a collection of resources here that I can consult,  and don’t forget the virtual catalogue available at

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