Keeping the Virtual Catalogue up to date

The Internet is ever-changing and items go up, items are taken down and sometimes items are moved to a new location. This means that the virtual catalogue is not always 100% accurate, though every effort is made to keep it up to date.

Today I was informed that one of the links in the catalogue is no longer working and after checking I have discovered that now the item is no longer available. This means that there is no longer information on the internet about the proposed new Conductive Education degree at  Evangelische Hochschule, Nürnberg, due to start in September 2015. Consequently, this item has now been deleted from the catalogue.

All that left about this course is a news item on the German Conductors’ Association with a link to a PDF summarising its contents over seven semesters:!/show/5/studiengang-heilpaedagogik-konduktive-paedagogik-ab-2015-in-nuernberg/

If you come across any links that are broken or do not lead anywhere, I would be grateful if you would please let me know so I can investigate and check if it has moved or is no longer available.

Your help is needed  to make sure the catalogue is as up to date as possible, as I cannot do it all on my own.

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