Just do it!


A new book on Conductive Education has just been published.

Twenty-one graduates of the Wolverhampton University/Foundation for Conductive Education degree course have contributed to this collection edited by Andrew Sutton and Gillian Maguire.

Mandy Elliott, Lisa Gombinsky, Rachael Skinner, Susanna Woo, Julia McDonald, Rebekah Wilkinson, Stephanie Driver, Eszter Richardson, Annamaria Berger, Kate Burke, Hannah Davies, Ingvild Froeysang, Anne-Christiane Wittig, Beth Brydon, Becky Featherstone, Marthe Gulbrandsen, Ben Foulger, Philippa Crane, Chloe Hicks, Lil Hege Skjerpen and Natalie Ibarguen-Sanchez have written about their experiences as new conductors.
The book costs £ 7.50 plus postage and packing and is published by Conductive Education Press: http://bit.ly/cep-justdoit

Sutton, A. and Maguire, G., eds. (2009) Just do it! Young conductors in their new world. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

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