Israelis due to start new course for conductors in September

I have just read  on Andrew’s blog      %20about

about the new course, set up by Tsad Kadima, for training conductors in Israel which is due to start later in the year. What an exciting development this is for Israel and may prove a model for other countries to follow.

 Hearty congratulations to all concerned in setting this up and I will look forward to hearing more about it in the future.
Over the years I have sent material and references to Rony Schenker at Tsad Kadima and asssume these  will now be part of a collection of materials built up over time, making a valuable resource for the students. I hope that the virtual catalogue I am developing at

will be useful to them too.

Maybe I will be sent some documents in Hebrew on the Internet  to include! Remember all contributions and suggestions are welcome.

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