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I received an email today telling me about an interesting development in Conductive Education. I have reproduced it here rather than re -write it and suggest you click on the links for further information. It could become a very useful and interesting contact for all those interested in Conductive Education.

I shall certainly follow it with interest.

I am writing to notify you of the March 31, 2009 launch of The Conductive Education Communications Center (CECC) at

The CECC will be a website portal and communications center specifically designed, published and under operation for the national Conductive Education community.

In speaking with many of you, it became clear there was a need for
such a communications portal to show and share videos, articles and other
information. The CECC will offer that. Additionally, it will have a discussion
forum so that experts, parents, instructors and others can meet and talk with
each other online, at any time. There will be webinars by experts, a tool box of
helpful documents and forms, a blog, petition support center to lobby your
educators and legislators, grant information, directories of centers and
services and more. Parents, educators, the media and anyone with an interest in
Conductive Education will find the information they need here.

After spending the past two years learning and experiencing many
of the challenges the Conductive Education community and movement has faced, it
became increasingly important to use my almost 20 years in public relations,
marketing and interactive/website communications towards this effort. I have had
the great pleasure to work closely with Sixten’s Foundation, Inc. near Washington, D.C. and the honor of assisting that group with successfully executing what is one of the first Conductive Education pilot programs within a public school system in the United States.

Please take a few moments to review some of the exciting components of this coming website at the temporary site at

It will be officially launched, in its entirety, on March 31, 2009, but I am taking this
opportunity to inform those of you whom I may have met or with whom I have
spoken or corresponded in the recent past.

At the end of this month, the launch will be supported by a national public relations and search
engine optimization campaign, and a limited number of sponsorship and
advertising opportunities are available for interested businesses, centers and
other service providers. Just visit the “Sponsorship and Advertising on” at

Please e-mail or call me if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to serving the Conductive Education community.


Mike Szimanski
Education Communications Center

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