Honorary Conductor Award

I have never been to a conference before so this was a very interesting experience for me. Initially I thought I would dip in and out but got hooked and attended as many sessions as possible.

It was two days filled with parallel presentations which meant I was unable to go to all those I wanted to hear. People from all over the world presented and I learned about what was going on in Israel, UK, Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, Mexico and Germany. Over the two days I met people who had only been names to me before and was able to learn more about them.

Of course, the main reason I went was to receive my Honorary Conductor Award.
There were seven awards this time to the following :
 Chris K. H. Kan, Hong Kong
 Gillian Maguire, United Kingdom
 Anete Mozes, Israel
 Katalin Racz, Hungary
Bettina Tauscher Fak, Austria
 Karin Weber, Germany
 Edith Y. S. Yeung, Hong Kong
I am pleased to say that Edith Yeung is also a librarian working for SAHK. I had hoped to visit her library but the busy schedule of the congress and the study tours afterwards made it impossible. An excuse to go back some day perhaps!
The presentations were made at a banquet on the Sunday evening after everyone had watched a Lion Dance and listened to the SAHK children’s  Brass Band. All great fun.
My award was presented to me by Franz Schaffhauser, Director of the Peto Institute and I now have a beautiful red leather folder embossed with the Peto Institute’s name containing a certificate detailing the award.  I was very relieved to get up on to, and off the platform without any mishap due to nerves.
After this I was lucky enough to sit with a group of people who were excellent company and we all enjoyed a traditional Chinese dinner of soup, fish, meat, noodles, rice, more soup, more fish and little cakes in copious amounts.
I would like to thank all those who made this possible very much indeed for an evening I shall always remember with pride and happiness.

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