First review for András Pető

The first review for András Pető  appeared in The Budapest Times on Friday and this has now gone up on the newspapers website at:

The editor has made it a feature article with some pictures.

The review includes a brief account of the history of Conductive Education’s discovery by the West, particularly the UK and an overview of the book’s contents.

The editors of András Pető have produced a compilation consisting of memories of colleagues and others who knew him at different times, notes and letters written by Pető himself, obituaries following his death in 1967 and a selection of overviews. What emerges cannot – even in the editors’ opinion – be regarded as clear-cut or in any way final in terms of fully understanding Pető and his thinking. Nevertheless, certain themes shine through.

It was also very gratifying to read:

Its editors, who are also its compilers, should be congratulated for giving the wider world an opportunity to ponder about the enigma known as András Pető, who, without ever fully explaining how, positively affected the lives of thousands of people who otherwise were considered “hopeless cases”.

Copies of the book can be obtained by clicking on the link to CEP in the right hand column of this blog or from

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