Conductors’ Workplaces Map – an update

I have now uploaded more places that I have on my lists and there are just over 350 of them. Amazing! I did not expect the number to be so high and there are still more to include.

Details about the map and how it works have been comprehensively described in Andrew’s blog posting at

Details of some places that I didn’t know about have been sent to me which is terrific.  If I am going to keep this current I will need your continued  help.
 If any of the information changes, any new workplaces need adding, any places no longer operating or employing conductors, please do let me know and I can alter the entries accordingly. If  a place closes or no longer employs coductors I will make a note in the entry of this. This will mean that the map will also show a history of places that have come and gone, but only from 2013 onwards. It would be an impossible task to record all those centres and employers already gone.
In compiling this map I am indebted to two lists in particular. One of German places  found in

and the other, a list of places in Hungary produced by the Peto Institute in 2009

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