Conductive Education World Congress, 8, 2013 – latest information

It is a year now since the 7th World Congress for Conductive Education, that was held in Hong Kong, and the German hosts of the 8th Congress, to be held in 2013, are starting to get organised and prepared for it.

A website was established earlier in the year

announcing the basic details and information to come with a very colourful logo. Since then an English language flyer has been posted on Phoenix Konductive Forderung’s website:

This has produced some comments online:

On reading the leaflet I am inclined to agree with both of them.

Running and organising the Congress must entail a huge amount of work, and be a massive management and administrative operation, especially if all the documentation, flyers, programme, letters etc are needed in what is not the first language of the host country. The first Congress to have a website, I believe, was the 6th . .Those involved in organising this put together a website containing all the necessary information that would be required in good English:

 SAHK in Hong Kong became the hosts of the 7th Congress. I attended this one and was very impressed by all the material produced, the pre-Congress administration, the organisation of the whole event and of course their amazing website – all in English. A hard act to follow.

The Germans have to follow this and I don’t envy them the task! It is important for them and those wanting to find out information about the event that the language is right, and it is vital for the reputation of Conductive Education. The International Pető Association oversees the event so perhaps this can offer some help with this from its membership so that after the next 22 months of preparation the organisers will present a Congress they, and the whole of Conductive Education will be proud of.

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