Conductive Education Press now a ‘proper’ publisher

Conductive Education Press has  now published five titles

and is now considered a ‘proper’ publisher as we discovered on receiving a letter from the Agency for Legal deposit Libraries (ALDL).

At ALDL’s request  I have posted off several copies of two of Conductive Education Press’ titles  to the Agency. Copies of the other titles will be sent too. The Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 make it a legal obligation  for copies of new UK publications to be deposited with the Bodleian Library Oxford University, Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin and the Agency makes sure these obligations are met. This means  that Conductive Education Press is now a ‘proper’ publishing house and its books will now be a part of the above august national collections.
I had already been sending copies  of our publications to the British Library depository in Yorkshire,  mistakenly thinking that this was all we had to do.
Now we know the correct way is to send to ALL of the above and, naturally, will concur. How nice to know that Conductive Education Press’s books  will now be  part of the historical record of British publishing.

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