Conductive Education Day in North America 2013

ACENA has announced the date for next year’s Conductive Education Day in North America. This is 21st February.

ACENA says:

The 4th “National Conductive Education Day” will be celebrated on Thursday, February 21, 2013! This day is a great opportunity to increase awareness of Conductive Education and promote your program locally.

Once again this year, ACENA will be offering its members a customizable Campaign Kit. In addition, the kit is one of the new Center Membership benefits. It is designed to help your advocacy work, and includes eight files:

a cover letter from ACENA’s president;

a detailed guide of how to use the campaign kit documents;

templates for a letter to editors, proclamation request, testimonials, and press release; and,

a pamphlet and poster that promotes CE.

Further information can be found at

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