Conductive Education Communications Center is nearly here

t is nearly the end of October when the new portal being set up in the US is due to be launched.The announcement of its aims and content has now been extended and updated. For further details go to

The portal, Conductive Education Communications Center, hopes to provide information for all those interested and involved in Conductive Education and ‘will allow you and others to learn more about Conductive Education and share what they know’.It will provide, amongst other services, articles and information obtained from libraries, (I hope copyright has been looked at here), a discussion forum, a blog, access to videos and news, sample forms, correspondence and strategies to help support Conductive Education in your area, webinars, and advertise centres, services etc for a fee.

This is a lot of information to be kept up to date and accurate, so I wish the CECC the best of luck and look forward to posting about the launch soon.

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