Conductive Education Awareness Day

Thursday 25 February has been designated Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America by ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America), see

which states:

This day will provide CE Centers everywhere the opportunity to focus on their successes, publicize their programs, inform the general public, build legitimacy, gain political support, increase client base, and drive funders to the Conductive Education cause. A CE Awareness Day Campaign Kit that provides customizable press releases, proclamation letters for local and state government, Conductive Education stats and facts, sample advertisements with a common message, and a post-campaign evaluation has been sent to all ACENA members.

I have found several other references to it on the Internet.,1607,7-168-25488_54480-231631–,00.html

There have been other awareness days and weeks in the past which have had a limited effect, so I would love to know how successful this venture proves to be and how many of the 40 centres mentioned in the March of Dimes newsletter used the campaign kit.In the meantime I hope the day is productive, that awareness is raised successfully and Conductive Education is shown to be a wonderful educational system and not just another therapy.

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