Conductive Education Awareness Day – how did it go?

Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America took place on Thursday 25th February. I posted a blog before this with links to the few mentions I had found in the Internet.

How did it go?

Well, I have found a few more links after searching today. No doubt a Thursday was chosen for the ‘Day’ as it would be good time of the week to get coverage in the media, but not as much materialised as was hoped, I imagine, but perhaps there will be more appearing over the next few days or so.

Most of the links below refer to Grand Rapids, and just one to the Pittsburgh center. As more than 40 centers were taking part this must be very disappointing.

There are videos and references to Grand Rapids Conductive Education learning center at,Item,36028862151892290.html

Various links to these TV items plus a radio interview can be found at
Lists a number of links re the Awareness Day

Mention of CE awareness Day amongst other campaigns.
This had a picture ( no longer accessible) and some text you have to register to read.
A parent, whose child appeared in one of the TV reports blogs the event.
Press release by March of Dimes, Canada
Mention in Pittsburgh TV report of Steps to Independence center.

I hope these links will still be ‘live’ when you try them as I have found that some e.g. the North West Signal piece, have already been taken down.

If there are others not included in this list, please let me know and I will add them.

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