Changes at ACENA

It is  Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America tomorrow, 20 February, and  I have received today a circulated letter from the Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) with an announcement. This organisation was originally set up for those working in Conductive Education, but today I discover that it now  has new categories of  membership for “parents, CE participants and all program staffers”.

Membership involves payment of a fee.


As stated benefits include:

  • Gain access to a broad network of Conductive Education professionals
  • Vote on all ACENA topics
  • Hold elected office or serve on subcommittees
  • Participate in annual conferences or workshops at ACENA discounted rates
  • Receive valuable information on CE, including Program and Practice Manuals
  • Receive annual statistical report on CE in North America
  • Post or view employment opportunities on the ACENA website

A good move to involve all those who have an interest in Conductive Education and its development and this list includes receiving lots of information.

Anyone wishing to find out more should go to

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