What will be known about Conductive Education in 2211?

I have just been to see the Staffordshire hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold items ,which were found in an English  field by an amateur metal detector in 2009. This is an unique collection  and no-one has any idea yet what most of the pieces  are, or were, except they have military connections and no female jewellery was found with them.

Such  beautiful, wonderful, intricate workmanship and who made it, used it etc,  is not yet known and may never be.

I wondered idly  if anyone hundreds of years hence will know what Conductive Education is or was, or anything about it, wonder what conductors did, or be able to find real accurate information about it.

When I got home I looked at Facebook.

Today arguments abound about whether its ‘therapy’ ‘pedagogy’ ‘a sort of physiotherapy’ done by conductors or therapists. At the moment there is a thread on Andrew Sutton’s facebook page about this and how conductors are implementing their profession in the US under the rules and regulations concerning teaching there.
Its a shame that a social networking site is used for such serious and important discussions where it can get lost amongst the ephemural statements on sleep loss and weekend partying.
Even so, I hope this shows that more conductors will  stand up for what they do, what its called, not just leave it to a few, that more will let the world know what they are doing and how, preparing to leave a lasting legacy of what is  real  and accurate.