The Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre 25th Anniversary

Conductive Education centres are popping up all the time and quite a few seem to pop down again fairly quickly, not having the necessary ingredients to keep going, so its good to hear when one has real staying power. The Rainbow Centre, Fareham, UK has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

This is certainly good news especially as this time last year it was very near closure due to lack of funds, but managed to raise the required amount in time and turn things around.

Good luck  to those involved for the future – keep up the good work!

Good news for Conductive Education centre at start of 2015

Yesterday I received an alert for a news item about the Rainbow Centre in  Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  Last year funding for this centre was urgently required to keep it operating and  £150,000 was successfully raised.

The latest newspaper report states:

The Rainbow Centre stood on the brink of closure within weeks unless it could find £150,000 after funding reached desperate levels.

But now it is celebrating its 25th anniversary year after the public answered its call for help.

The future is now looking much brighter but as experienced by  other centres worldwide, there is a need to keep the fundraising going all the time.

The charity now has a reserve fund of £105,000 – enough to cover the charity for two months.

It needs £12,500 a week to cover costs and at its lowest point the charity was bringing £7,500 – now it has an average weekly income of £17,500.

Since the launch of the appeal 38 per cent of what the charity needs in income is guaranteed to come in.

Good luck to them, and all the other centres too.

UKparliamentary debate on cerebral palsy today

Today there was a government debate on the education of children with cerebral palsy in Westmister Hall from 9.30am to 10.37am.

This was chaired by Mr Philip Hobone, and the discussion opened by the MP for Fareham, Mr Mark Hoban, who describes cerebral palsy and refers to his own support for the Rainbow Centre in his constituency. Other speakers included the MP for Selly Oak, Birmingham, and the Under Secretary for Education, Mr Edward Timpson.

For further information,  see the recorded contributions of these three politicians at

Good news story for The Rainbow Centre

After all the stories about the urgent need for funds, The Rainbow Centre in Hampshire is in the news again, and this time for a good reason.  A few days ago, The News ( the local newspaper) published a piece about the help received and the  progress made by a little boy in Portsmouth.

He has come on in leaps and bounds and the future looks brighter for him, and the centre. Great to see!

Latest news on the Rainbow Centre

A little while ago the Rainbow Centre made an appeal for £150,000  as it was  desperately needed to keep open for the next few months.

Various local businesses and individuals came up trumps and £175,000 has been raised and to thank everybody concerned an event celebrating this was held.

No mention is made in the article about the long term future of the centre  so perhaps  some of the donors have pledged funds for the future on a regular basis.

Future looks good for Rainbow Centre

Reported yesterday in their local newspaper  is the result of the appeal for funds  to keep The Rainbow Centre in Fareham operating.

The current total of donations has passed the original target of £150,000 and is still rising. Companies and other businesses are becoming regular donators  and the future looks assured, at least for the time being.

Good news from The Rainbow Centre

The managers of  The Rainbow Centre has announced that they have raised £141,000, most of the target figure required to keep the centre open. A statement on the website says:

After just six weeks since the crisis appeal launch, The Rainbow Centre, Fareham are delighted to announce that their appeal fund has reached £141,000. Having reached 93% of its target…

To celebrate a special Open Day will take place on 21 June.

For further details please see the press release at

Good news for The Rainbow Centre

A few weeks ago The Rainbow Centre in Hampshire UK, announced that it had a funding crisis and  needed £150,000 to stay open or would close after Easter.

I have just read a press release on their website announcing that enough funds have been raised to keep the centre operating until the end of May.

The Rainbow Centre Director, Lara Bull comment:

Whilst funding for April and May is secure it is important that the momentum for the appeal continues to ensure that the Centre’s conservative target of £150,000 is reached.  This  crisis appeal is about buying The Rainbow Centre  time to ensure that everyone’s hard work and effort has a long lasting effect.

We will have to wait and see what happens after that.