Gillian Maguire

Late bloomer

Even though I am not usually one to blow my own trumpet, as the saying goes, I realised the other day, that I have edited and published a few books, some when I was Librarian at the Foundation for Conductive Education, and even more since I was retired. For years I had been saying that more should have been written and published on Conductive Education and somehow I have become involved in doing exactly that!

These have been:

  • Setting up and editing a twice-a-year journal, Recent Advances in Conductive Education that ran from 2001 to 2009


  • Co-editing and/or publishing six books plus another to be published in 2012.

See below.

Maguire, G. and Sutton, A, ed. (2004)  Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Educatiom.

Maguire, G. and Nanton, R., ed. (2005) Looking back, looking forwards. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

Sutton, A. and Maguire, G., ed (2009) Just Do it! Young conductors in their new world. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Sutton, A, and Maguire, G., ed. (2010) Internationalising Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Graham, J., McGuigan, C., Maguire G., ed. (2010) Intelligent love; parents action for Conductive Education.  Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Sutton, A. (2011) Last year in Hong Kong. Edited by G. Maguire. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Maguire, G. and Sutton, A. ed. (in press)  András Pető; an introduction. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Not bad going! This was not a planned career move ( nor was that retirement). It seems to have ‘just happened’ and will, I hope, continue..