New Conductive Education training in Germany

I have heard today that the degree course at Nurnberg is all set to start up later this year in September at  Evangelischen Hochschule Nürnberg ( . For the past few years work has been going on to get the course organised and receive the necessary Ministry approval and it seems that has been obtained.

Students  will become  graduates with a BA ,  specializing in Conductive Support.  A degree just for Conductive Education is planned for the future.There is no mention of who will be teaching the course or exactly where practice will take place, it will be somewhere in Europe, I think – my German is very rusty! I would be grateful if someone corrects me if I have misunderstood anything.

Further information can be found at!/show/5/studiengang-heilpaedagogik-mit-fachrichtung-konduktiven-foerderung-ab-2017-in-nuernberg/


Presentation on Conductive Education published in German last month

Last week I discovered via a Facebook posting

that a CE presentation made at the World Congress in Munich, 2013 by Beate Höß-Zenker und Mariann Stelczerne-Oberszt  has been published in German as part of a  book on  children with complex disabilities,

Leben pur – Aktivität und Kreativität bei Menschen mit komplexer Behinderung: verlag selbstbestimmtes leben. [Life Pure – activity and creativity in people with complex disabilities:  Self-determined life], published by Bundesverband f. körper- u. mehrfachbehinderte Menschen.

This book is available priced 17.40 euros  via Amazon  at

I do not know the title of the presentation or anything about its contents, but am hoping to see a copy of the book or presentation soon.

Royal support for 8th World Conductive Education Congress

A welcome message by Princess Ursula of Bavaria has been posted on the 8th World Conductive Education Congress website expressing support for Conductive Education. She is the patron of FortSchritt in Niederpöcking and calls for the support of  parents and professionals in the development of funding for training and development of Conductive Education in Germany to be expressed at the Congress in Munich and says :
The 8th World Congress on Conductive Education which will take place in Munich in 2013 – after Gothenburg and Hong Kong – is a unique chance to demonstrate presence in the public in a transnational way. We hope to increase the acceptance and to create a strong pressure group for the conductive education by panel discussions with politicians and representatives of public health insurances and cure associations.

Your personal commitment will be most important. Please take the time to visit the 8th World Congress on Conductive Education in Munich and bring in your demands as a person concerned or as parents


It will be interesting to see how much response this gets and how many parents and professionals do attend the confrence in October 2013. In the past these congresses have tended to include mostly people working in the field of Conductive Education, of which only a few were parents running centres and services.

A wider audience may encourage wider discussion.

Conductive Education World Congress, 8, 2013 – latest information

It is a year now since the 7th World Congress for Conductive Education, that was held in Hong Kong, and the German hosts of the 8th Congress, to be held in 2013, are starting to get organised and prepared for it.

A website was established earlier in the year

announcing the basic details and information to come with a very colourful logo. Since then an English language flyer has been posted on Phoenix Konductive Forderung’s website:

This has produced some comments online:

On reading the leaflet I am inclined to agree with both of them.

Running and organising the Congress must entail a huge amount of work, and be a massive management and administrative operation, especially if all the documentation, flyers, programme, letters etc are needed in what is not the first language of the host country. The first Congress to have a website, I believe, was the 6th . .Those involved in organising this put together a website containing all the necessary information that would be required in good English:

 SAHK in Hong Kong became the hosts of the 7th Congress. I attended this one and was very impressed by all the material produced, the pre-Congress administration, the organisation of the whole event and of course their amazing website – all in English. A hard act to follow.

The Germans have to follow this and I don’t envy them the task! It is important for them and those wanting to find out information about the event that the language is right, and it is vital for the reputation of Conductive Education. The International Pető Association oversees the event so perhaps this can offer some help with this from its membership so that after the next 22 months of preparation the organisers will present a Congress they, and the whole of Conductive Education will be proud of.

Conductive Education centres in Germany

This list is one of a series being compiled of centres employing conductors around the world. The UK, North America, and countries beginning with the letters A-F have already been done and can be accessed on the left hand side of this blog.

This list contains details of centres in Germany (the only country with the letter G to have services with a conductor as far as I am aware) and countries beginning with the letter H onwards will come at a later date. If any of the information is wrong or now out of date, or I have not included any centre, I would be grateful if you would let me know. All place names are given in their German spelling.

Please accept my apologies for any missed accents.

Much of the information has been gleaned from a brochure produced by Fachausschuss Konduktive Förderung (Hrsg.) and details of this will be provided below.


FortSchritt Freiberg e.V.

Vorstand, Matthias-Grünwald-Str. 13, 79100 Freiberg
Contact: Regina Huber Tel: 0761/40 85 20 Fax: 0761 790 10 41

FortSchritt Nürtingen e.V.
Kreuzkirchestrasse 6, 72622 Nürtingen
Contact: Dietrich Crüsemann. Tel: 07022/93 33 90

FortSchritt Ulm e.V.
Friedrichsau 2, 89073 Ulm
Contact: Christine Filus Tel: 0731/927 48 82 Fax: 0731/927 47 95

Privates Forderzentrum Aschau
Bernauer Strasse 18, 83229 Aschau/Chiemgau
Contact: Elmar Kuhn Tel 08052/171 15 00

KWA Klinik Stift Rottal
Max-Köhler-Strasse 3, 94086 Bad Griesbach
Contact: Dr Christoph Garner Tel: 08532/874 61 Fax: 08532/879 13

FortSchritt Dürmenting e.V.
Steinachweg 3, 88525 Dü rmenting
Contact: Wolfgang Wörner Tel: 07371/44 76 14 Email:

FortSchritt München e.V.
Steinröschenstrasse 14, 80995 München
Contact: Dr Helmut Hörtner Tel: 089/1 50 77 71

Bayerische Landesschule für Körperbehinderte Konduktive Tagesstätte Johann Nepomuk von Kurz Stiftung
Kurzstr 2, 81547 München
Contact: Hermann Behrens Tel: 089/642 58 148

Stiftung Pfennigparade Phoenix Konduktives Förderzentrum GmbH
Oberföringers. 150, 81925 München
Contact: Beate Höss-Zenker Tel: 089/839 36 393 Fax: 089/839 36 395

FortSchritt Starnberg gGmbH
Ferdinand-von-Miller-Str. 14, 82343 Niederpocking
Contact: Peter Van Quadt Tel: 08151/20 41 Fax: 0851/729 86

Verein für Menschen mit Körperbehinderung e.V.
Zerzabelshofstr. 29, 90478 Nürnberg
Contact: Anita Moos-Hlavacek Tel: 0911/462 63 50 Fax: 0911 462 35 10

Konduktive Förderung für Kinder und Erwachsene
Arndt Strasse 21, 90419 Nü rnberg
Contact: Susie Mallett Tel: 0911/941 23 17
Email: Website:

FortSchrittRosenheim e.V.
Arnulfstrasse 28, 83026 Rosenheim
Contact: Doris Weisbach Tel: 08031/908 19 50 Fax: 08031/908 19 60
Email: or

Lebenshilfe Kreisvereinigung Tirschenreuth
Waldsassener Strasse 9, 95666 Mitterteich
Contact: Berthold Kellner Tel: 09633/918 360 Fax: 09633/ 918 362

Blindeninstitutstiftung Einrichtung für Konduktive Förderung
Ohmstr. 7, 97076 Würzburg
Contact: Birgit vom Busch Email:

FortSchritt Würzburg
Ohmstr.7, Haus 4, Gruppe a/b, 97076 Wü rzburg
Contact: Dr Christiane Scheler Tel: 0931/270 55 30 Fax: 0931 270 55 31

Rehabilitationszentrum Berlin Ost e.V.
Allee der Kosmonauten 15, 10315 Berlin
Contact: Helmut Siebert Tel: 030/549 96 30 Fax: 030/ 541 81 22
Email: Website:

HELIOS Klinik Hohenstücken
Brahmsstrasse 38, 14772 Brandenburg a.d. Havel
Contact: Dr Martin Köhler Tel: 03381/791 118 Fax: 03381/ 791 119
Email: Website:ücken

FortSchritt Berlin/Brandenurg e.V.
Cottbusser Strasse 33, 03096 Werben
Contact: Fred Scheler Tel: 035603/700 90 Fax: 035603/ 759 046

FortSchritt Nordhessen e.V.
Schöneuberger Strasse 3, 34128 Kassel
Contact: Barbara Klemm-Röbig Tel: 0561/884 587 Email:

Förderverein Kinderneurologie Königsstein e.V.
Alt-Sossenheim 3, 65936 Königsstein
Contact: Roswitha Fusik or Monika Benz Tel: 069/27 29 38 66
Email: Website: http://www.peto-kö

Fortschritt Frankfurt e.V.
Esztergomstrasse 33, 63477 Maintal
Contact: Christoph Drescher Tel: 06181/945 50 421
Email: Website:

FortSchritt Walldorf e.V.
Josef-Reiert-Strasse 4, 69190 Walldorf OR Plattenseestrasse 3a, 69168 Wiesloch
Contact: Susanne Huber Tel: 06222/755 16 Fax: 06222/307 414

Fortschritt im Osnabrücker Land e.V.
Venner Str 9, 49565 Bramsche
Contact: Ulrike Renzenbrink Tel: 05468/922 025

FortSchritt Hannover e.V.
Im Tale 1, 30922 Seelze
Contact: Frank Heilman Tel: 05137/127 211 Fax: 05137/ 825 09 70

Zentrum für Frühbehandlung und Frühförderung
Maarweg 130, 50825 Köln
Contact: Dr Rainer J. Wilmes Tel: 0221/95 42 50 42 Fax: 0221/95 42 50 55

FortSchritt Düsseldorf e.V.
Kolpingstrasse 35, 40764 Langenfeld
Contact: Andreas Hocheuser Tel: 02173/ 683 806 Fax: 02173/ 683 805

Konduktive Förderung für Kinder and Erwachsene Kinder und Erwachsene
Thunemeiershof 7, 33102 Padeborn
Contact: Raphaela Ross Tel: 05251/ 184 00 00 Fax: 05251/ 709 43 84
Email: Website:

Zentrum für Konduktive Therapie (Kooperation mit dem SPZ des Ev. Krankenhauses …Oberhausen) & Fortschritt im Revier e.V.
Falkensteinstrasse 20, 46047 Oberhausen.
Contact: Udo Fischer Tel: 0208/ 880 760 Fax: 0208/880 76 15
Email: Website:
OR contact Fortschritt im Revier at
Stalhermstrasse 43, 45968 Gladbeck
Tel: 02043/631 85 Fax: 02043/677 89

St Nikolaus Stiftshospital GmbH Zentrum fûr Konduktive Therapie
Hindenburgwall 1, 56626 Andernach
Contact: Hans Peter Mayer via Frau Koch Tel: 02632/ 404 57 53

Verein Ponte Kö e.V.
Seumestrasse 35, 06667 Weissenfeis
Contact: Annelies Herrmann Tel: 03443/33 31 70

Schrittweise e.V.
Erich-Mäder-Strasse 4, 04603 Windischleuba
Contact: Christine Burger Tel: 03447/ 83 99 07 Fax: 03447/83 15 18



Fachausschuss Konduktive Förderung (Hrsg.) (2009) Konduktive Förderung. Düsseldorf: FKF.