By way of introduction

After qualifying as a librarian, I worked in public libraries until I took a post in the School of Education Library at the University of Birmingham and it was there I met an honorary lecturer who came in to the library frequently, usually with interesting, unusual requests. In 1983 he appeared asking for anything that could be found on Conductive Education. Yes, that was Andrew Sutton and the start of my involvement with CE.
 I left the School of Education library in 1984 and a couple of years later I volunteered to help organise what was a growing collection of material that Andrew had in a filing cabinet. In 1991 he obtained the money for the Foundation for Conductive Education to employ a Librarian (which turned out to be me), to start what was to become the National Library of Conductive Education. It is my baby, so to speak, and is still in its infancy.
At present there are nearly 3,000 items on CE, books, journals, articles, conference papers, conference proceedings, unpublished papers, cassettes, videos, CDRoms, DVDs, in twelve languages. Additionally there is a collection of media/press-cuttings going back to the 1960s, student dissertations at all levels, reports of visits to the Peto Institute and the international courses attended there. Most of this material is unique and irreplaceable.

There is also material on the neurological conditions helped by CE, other ways of working with these conditions, child development, anatomy, neurology, disability etc. The library is open-access and available for anyone to use. Please get in touch if you would like more information about it.

New material is appearing all the time, old and new, and I will announce this on this blog, , as this is an ideal system for quick dissemination of information. I would like ask anyone who writes, publishes, presents on Conductive Education to let me have copies as the aim is collect everything on CE, no matter the level, length or language.

More on this later.

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