As time goes by

It is now five years since I ‘retired’ and its difficult to believe it is as long as that. The world at large is much the same, still financial problems, others have been made redundant, firms have closed down and prices have gone up in the shops. Personally I have had a few ups and downs but conductively things have gone well.

What have I done?

  • Conductive Education Press has produced seven books since 2009 with more being considered;
  • My blog is still going despite being hacked although it now has this  new address;
  •  the virtual library is growing.

And in 2010 I was made an honorary conductor by the International Petõ Association at the 7th World Congress.

I spent time yesterday with two people who have encouraged and supported me in all these activities – I could not have done it without them,  or those who have made it all technically possible. 

Many thanks to you all.

One comment on “As time goes by

  1. Andrew Sutton March 6, 2014 1:18 pm

    Well, you’ve certainly not gone silent into that dark night. What a different world it might be if more people were ‘retired’.

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