Adult Conductive Education services in the UK

On Facebook today there was a request for information about CE services for those with Parkinson’s disease and I have spent a short time consulting the Workplace Map  for adult services at  centres in the UK.

The map is there to provide information about places conductors work world wide and includes  further details such as contact information, website etc and can be searched by  services, country and centre name.

There are a dozen places recorded on the map and these ( in no particular order) are:

National Institute – Birmingham, Cheltenham and Coventry

Szathmary Training and Consultancy

Megan Baker House

Cork Centre for Conductive Education

Step and Learn Conductive Education Centre

Independent Conductive Education Services

Paces Sheffield

Conductive Education Richmond Facebook:

CMSS Skills Development Centre

International Therapeutic Initiative UK

Rainbow Centre



If details or circumstances have changed I would be grateful if you let me know so I can amend the map.


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