Month: March 2019

Now is the time to say goodbye?

For personal reasons, and a mind on other things, it is over a year since I posted on this blog and this posting will probably be my last.

Blogs are personal things and not necessarily there for others. I started the blog over ten years ago, when I was still working in the National Library of Conductive Education and keen to keep the world of CE informed about events, publications, and news in the field. Since my departure in 2009 I have tried to maintain this, despite limited personal resources and time. Keeping the Virtual Catalogue and the World Map up to date has been a real challenge!

The Internet does not seem to have helped CE, just allowed the spread of wrong facts to increase along with the acceptance of such information. If its on the Internet it must be true! There is very little criticism or investigation into these facts and such online sources of information seem to be used more and more as references in written works.

Now I think is the time to stop, for the following reasons:

 Only one or two people have noticed my recent sporadic postings and over the years, very few people have responded to them anyway. 

Many of those I have tried to help have not always expressed thanks, or let me know how they have got on, leaving me feeling unsure that carrying on is worthwhile or useful. 

The Conductive Education field has not changed, there are still very few articles or new books of consequence. Very, very  few people seem to want to share or develop the literature. Online sources of information seem to be used more and more as references in written works.

Conductive Education seems to have lost its mojo. It seems that those working in it have accepted this, allowing its dilution to occur without challenge.

All this makes me feel that my knowledge and work is now redundant, as well as myself, but I still have hope that things may change in the future, and Conductive Education will become better recorded and a real academic subject. 

I end on a more cheery note by asking you to listen to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore singing ‘Goodbye!’