Month: June 2011

New Conductive Education school for Canada

A newspaper in Canada reported on Friday that a new school, the  Purpose School of Conductive Learning, will open in the autumn in British Columbia.

It has taken 10 years to achieve this objective  and the head conductor will be Anne Wittig, a  UK trained conductor,  and it will also have a teacher and assistants :

The school will be parent-driven, and there will be a fee for services as well. Esau will be joined by Forliti, who will be the teacher, and Wittig, who will be the main conductor. The three will be joined by assistants as it’s required.

Well done to all concerned and I hope it will be a great success.

Funding for Conductive Education in Australia in the news

I have just returned from a week way to discover quite a bit has been happening in Conductive Education, and in particular, the row about the funding of the services provided at Carson Street School in Australia.
Withdrawal of funding from the government was announced due to the conclusion of a report on the system and a number of parents protested. This was followed by a report of ‘doctoring’ of the report and finally today an announcement that the funding will continue after all.

I have collected together the links to these stories on the Internet for those interested and they appear below.
Parents protest at withdrawal of funds for school in Australia
Education Minister to review withdrawal of funds in Australia
Minister is accused of doctoring report on CE in Australia
Minister announces that funding will now continue for Carson Street in Australia
More on doctoring of report.
‘Doctoring’ of report may be investigated.

Andrew Sutton has also blogged these developments.

Ordering Conductive Education book made easier


Susie Mallett now has a website for her book, Let me tell you a story making obtaining a copy much easier.

If anyone in the UK would like a copy, I still have several here to sell and I can post out to you. This will  cost  £8.50 plus £1.00 postage and packing.

Information about Susie’s next book due soon is also mentioned on this new site so we have number two to look forward to.

Good news, well done Susie – and Ben has done a wonderful job as usual.

Good news for Megan Baker House

Megan Baker House, a Conductive Education Centre in Herefordshire, UK, has just received a Lottery grant of over £300,000 to run out-reach services.

A s stated in the centre’s  latest newsletter,

The Big Lottery has given this grant to support a three year project called Reach Out:

This will see us  start to deliver outreach services into the adjoin ing counties of  Worcestershire. Shropshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and here in Herefordshire, while still providing all of the usual sessions at the centre. I envisage that by the end of year-three we shall be providing CE sessions for children and Parkinson’s clients at ten venues – well that’s the plan!

Great news for the region and all those involved in the project.  Well done and good luck!

I also noted that the centre has what appears to be a smart new website and has recently changed its charity and company numbers.

New conductive school announced

A new venture in British Columbia, Canada has been announced for the autumn. Around 12 children will participate in an elementary school program which will be run by the Purpose Society with Anne-Christiane Wittig, of Moving Ahead conductive consultancy.

Congratulations to them all and I wish them the best of luck with this!

More articles on Conductive Education which are still free

I have just spent a couple of hours adding some new items to the virtual catalogue that are still available free on the Internet at
If you have a look you will see that this search produces  40 items but some of them are just announcements of courses, conferences or little pieces about events. Others are much meatier and these have been added to the virtual catalogue  at
The contents of this catalogoe are growing steadily and now there are almost three hundred items, with still more to be added.