Month: April 2011

Good news for those with multiple sclerosis?

Today there is a report  about the possibility of a new drug to help those with MS.

It is reported that researchers have identified the chemical ‘driving force’ behind the condition after trials on mice. Towards the end of the year trials on people are planned.
Let’s hope all goes well.

Conductive Education: do we want to save the history and knowledge?

This morning on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4, there was an item on archives and preservation of knowledge. This was prompted by the news that the poet,Wendy Pope, had sold her archive to the British Library and led to a wider discussion about preserving documents in the electronic age, the difficulties thereof due to sheer volume, and how important librarians and archivists were to the organisation and management of such collections in today’s ‘digital abundance’.
Naturally it made me think of Conductive Education and what was being done to save its history, development and practice. The National Library aimed to fufill this role as far as it was possible whilst I was Librarian, collecting centre brochures, reports, press cuttings, reports etc, but I would think maintaining the collection in this way will have been very difficult if not impossible during the past two years.
Maintaining this blog, reporting and recording events, answering enquiries is my small contribution to establishing a record, a history, the facts of what is happening in the CE world. Another resource is the virtual library, the virtual catalogue which includes items on the Internet which are available to those who want to investigate, analyse and discuss. Unfortunately one disadvantage of the Internet is the ‘disappearance’ of items due to broken links, deletion or being moved to new locations as has happened with some of the items I have found for the Virtual Catalogue, but with limited resources it is not possible to track everything down.
 I do my best.
One question you may ask is does anyone really care? Other than me, of course. If Conductive Education is to have a future surely it must have a recorded past to learn from and build on?
I would like to offer everyone the chance to present their papers, documents, writings to me for inclusion in the Repository on
or to keep with other material I am collecting here in my ‘office’.
Let’s do our best to save and preserve knowledge for those who will follow us in the years to come.

More information about Casablanca

I have just discovered some more information about the venture in Morocco.

This article in Hungarian reports that  MOIRA, a CE organisation set up in Hungary in 1987  is involved in the project. It has introduced CE services all over the world since 1991  and further information about it can be found at

News of a centre in Casablanca, Morrocco

I have just read about a new centre for children with disabilities in Morocco.

This centre of the Association of Moroccan BMI, is offering a variety of therapies/systems, including Conductive Education for children with cerebral palsy and has been operating since January this year. Hungarian conductors have been introducing Conductive Education to fifty children and the members of the Association have been learning all about it.
I have not been able to track down more information, such as a website and ask anyone who knows more to let me know and I will include all the information on my CE Centre list.

It is good to see new ventures starting up in these difficult times and I hope this one will be successful.